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No matter how organised you are, everyone forgets their keys sometimes. If you live in Edgware, a locksmith is not far away – just give Fort Locks a call and you will be back in your home before you know it. We’re not just for emergencies, though. We can also advise you on security or can replace or repair locks which are not working as smoothly as they should. If you find you are having to ‘coax’ open your door or if you are completely locked out, give Fort Locks locksmiths a call and we’ll be there with no added call-out charge.

No call out fee

At Fort Locks, we understand that getting locked out of your home is a massive inconvenience. That’s why we do not charge a call out fee for our services. In addition, we provide free site surveys and security reviews to make sure you feel safe and secure in your home. We provide you with a quote in advance so you know how much it is going to cost, and you can take comfort in the knowledge that all of our work is guaranteed.

There is no such thing as too secure

index finger on keypad - locksmith edgwareAlthough it would be lovely to always think the best of people and never be disappointed, it is a fact that we really need to watch our security these days. If you are concerned that perhaps your home is not as secure as it might be, or if you have mislaid your keys and don’t know who may have got hold of them, Edgware domestic locksmiths Fort Locks can be at your home very promptly to advise or to replace locks on the spot. Keys should always be kept as secure as possible when you are out of your home and if you suspect that any unauthorised person has had access to them, it would be a very good idea to replace the locks, for your own piece of mind. You may also find that you can get a reduced premium on your home contents insurance if you can show that you have up-to-date security in your house, so it may well turn out to be a good financial move too.

Why not go digital?

Although we love to hear from you, if you are based in Edgware and find you are calling locksmiths regularly because of mislaid keys, why not consider going digital? Although this does of course require you to remember a code, this (for some) is nowhere near as difficult as remembering where you saw your keys last. And with many cars now being keyless, it makes sense to bring that same freedom to your home or commercial premises. We can assess your property and fit digital access control locks for you. So whether it is to upgrade, repair, replace or simply open in an emergency, give us a call today.